Friday, March 03, 2006

Vincecredibly Stupid, Part II has an update on the VY Wonderlic controversy:

A league soure tells us that, indeed, Texas quarterback Vince Young's Saturday Wonderlic was re-scored due to a grading error.

And the "real" score was higher than the six that spread through the scouting combine like a flash fire in a balsa wood factory.

But before Vince or agent Major Adams or Longhorns coach Mack Brown uncork the bubbly, the "real" score doesn't quite grant Young unfettered access to the next annual meeting of Mensa.

After further review, he got a seven.

And furthermore:

A league source tells us that Young's do-over actually was a do-over.

In other words, he got the same version of the test on Sunday that he had taken on Saturday.

There are multiple versions of the Wonderlic. We've heard the NFL uses five or six; we've seen in print somewhere that there are as many as 18.

But Vince somehow pulled the same version on Sunday that he'd seen on Saturday.

If this is true, it's truly a shame what the University of Texas has wrought upon VY. I know he will be marvelously paid and probably have a successful career, but his score suggests he might not be able to balance his checkbook. After his 10 years in the League what is he going to do? He may not be able to read the teleprompter to be a TV analyst. For UT to allow this to happen is reprehensible. I guess it must have been VY's glory days when he went to a prestigious institution and didn't have to learn anything but football.

Update 4:05 p.m.: Apparently, discussing VY's alleged Wonderlic score is disrespectful.

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