Wednesday, May 07, 2008

John Canzano On Thongs

Local sports columnist John Canzano has a blog where he plugs his paper pieces and doles out info that he doesn't put in the paper. He also will from time to time opine on other subjects. This time...thongs....for what reason I do not know.

On the thong-appropriate age issue... just to be clear, it's NEVER appropriate for a male to wear a thong. A friend of mine maintains that the cutoff for females is 52 years old. He has his reasons. But I'm not into placing restrictions on women's undergarments, especially ones I'm not seeing.


If someone feels like they have the caboose to pull off a thong at 60, and she feels loose and free enough to do, and has the confidence, even under their tearaway warmups, I'm not going to stop her.

Gah...I need a mind scrubber. And, while Canzano may be correct, I will never take fashion advice from a sports columnist (see Whitlock, Jason above).