Friday, March 10, 2006

Stop The Insanity!!!

After warming up earlier this week, the Madness has begun to impose its full force upon us. All the major NCAA basketball conferences have started their conference tournaments. All the college basketball fanatics are in training for the marathon that is the NCAA tournament. Bracketologists, whatever they are, are prophesizing like the Oracle at Delphi about who's in and who's out after each game.

Come Sunday evening the 65-legged beast that is the "Brackets" will be unleashed and we can pore over it for 5 days to see if we can predict who will win the NCAA championship and try win some money in our office pools. Billions of dollars will be lost in productivity due to this behemoth. Relationships will suffer because one person can't tear their eyes away from the 5-12 game that they predicted would be an upset. Our hygiene will deteriorate and our clothes will dirty during this period.

Inevitably, the office pool will be won by someone who doesn't watch college basketball and picks the winners based on some combination of mascots, colors, attractiveness of players, and where a friend attended. This in turn will let us tell our friends for the next 5 years about how Arizona, Gonzaga, Kent State, or some other team screwed us over in the 2006 Tourney and will keep us from ever picking for/against them again. Then we can't wait until next year to do it all over again.

Count me in! This is Southern Illinois' year!!!

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