Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday's Afternoon Games

Afternoon Games
  • Memphis v. Oral Roberts: Must resist…temptation…cuz…it’s ….too….easy…. Oral Roberts is ahead by three with five left in the first half. Memphis decided it was time to start playing and has hit a bunch of threes. Memphis up by 12 at half and has scored 51 points. ORU made a couple of runs in the second half but Memphis won 94-78.
  • West Virginia v. Southern Illinois: West Virginia has scored almost all its points either behind the three-point line or at the free-throw line with 5 minutes in the first half left. Mountaineers up by 12 at half. Bill Raftery sounded like the creepy uncle at the family reunion when he said “Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home” in response to a kind roll on the new daddy Kevin Pittsnogle’s three pointer. Keep your kids away from Raftery. WVU wins in spite of Bill Raftery, 64-46.
  • Georgetown v. Northern Iowa: Good close game that they aren’t showing on TV until 10 minutes left in the second half. Just a good game, nothing too dramatic. 54-49
  • Hoyas.Villanova v. Monmouth: The game is not TV, but how can the score be 10-6 with less than seven minutes left in the first half? What the hell? We still have a shot clock right? At half the score is a little more respectable, 27-16. That said Villanova scored more points in the last seven minutes than both teams had up to that point. The second half and much more scoring for Monmouth but Villanova still won 58-45.

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