Thursday, March 16, 2006

Iron Eagles

Great game between Boston College Eagles and Pacific Tigers this morning. It looked like BC was going to win handily halfway through the second half. But, Pacific manned up and sent it to overtime where Craig Smith hit two clutch free throws to send it to double overtime. It was pretty impressive because Smith isn’t a very good free throw shooter and could have easily pulled a Darius Washington. In the second overtime BC finally looked like the team that played Duke closely twice in the end of the season by outscoring Pacific 14-2.

One note about this game. Every time Ian Eagle, one of the announcers, introduced himself I thought he was saying “Iron Eagle here” because he pronounces his name “eye-an” like Ian Ziering of 90210 fame. I couldn’t help think of anyone but Louis Gossett, Jr. as Chappy in the movie. That's it, Ian Eagle is heretofore to be known by me as Chappy.

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