Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In the Day's Least Surprising News...

Sports Illustrated reports that...drumroll please...Barry Bonds' has taken steroids. I thought we already learned that when his grand jury testimony from the BALCO investigation was leaked. Although he said he had "unknowingly" taken steroids, everyone was rightfully suspicious of that dubious statement. But really, what have we learned today that we didn't already know or believe? That Bonds has suffered from sexual dysfunction? If we already assumed that Bonds took steroids we probably knew this as well. I also hear the juice shrinks the jewels and may reduce your body's ability to produce testosterone, which might explain this:

After all of this what do we have? Well, we have some more evidence that Bonds used steroids and we have Bonds denying it. Exactly the same thing we had before today. Wow, what a breakthrough! I am so excited!

Really the only issue left for the steroid era is how will baseball deal with records and stats. For a decade or more baseball had players who were using steroids, some we know, some we suspect, and some we don't know. During that time a lot of offensive records fell but we can't be positive who did and did not use steroids because, in its infinited wisdom, baseball never tested for these drugs. Since baseball has started testing its clear that not only sluggers were using but little guys, pitchers and utility players did as well. In the end this will be known as the steroid era just like there is a deadball era and modern era.

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