Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Fighting Irish and the Catching, Dunking, and Sprinting Duck

Today it was announced that Notre Dame safety Tom Zbikowski is going fight his first professional box match in Madison Square Garden. This development will make the Notre Dame nickname far more appropriate for Zbikowski since he will be fighting. Although, I imagine he's not Irish.

Not to be outdone is the Oregon Duck Jordan Kent, who is the son of the Duck basketball coach, Ernie Kent. Jordan is on football scholarship at Oregon, where he is a backup wide receiver entering his sophomore season. He never played football until last season. Kent is also a sub on the basketball team and is a star sprinter on the Oregon track team. It's amazing that Kent is able to do all three sports and start taking graduate courses next year. Kent plans on focusing on the football because of his size and speed. The Portland Tribune did a nice write-up of this three-sport athlete.

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