Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lebron's nose-pick-and-roll

I was all prepared to write about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ pulling a Mike Vanderjagt against the Bulls last night but miraculously the Cavs pulled out a win the game after blowing a 25-point lead. It was stunning how bad the Bulls played in the first half. Turnovers, blown layups, and bad shooting made it look like an easy win for the Cavs, but the Bulls made a game of it in the second half. They had a lead in the last minute only to be done in by the newly-acquired Flip Murray.

The win gives Lebron a reprieve from the beatdown he’s been getting since the All-star game by the media, “experts”, and fans. His team had gone 1-5 since then and ‘Bron had some horrible 4th quarters in that stretch. Charles Barkley called him out on the TNT pregame show. He said Lebron didn’t have that killer instinct or hadn’t shown that it was his team like MJ, Hakeem, and Barkley had done in the past. Cavs fans even booed Lebron the other night, which isn’t a smart move considering his contract is up soon.

Anyway, I think I know why Lebron has been doing poorly recently…his excessive nosepicking and nailbiting. Every time I see Lebron during a stoppage he is either picking his nose or biting his nails. Those certainly aren’t among the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

Right at the end of the Bulls game I saw Lebron digging for gold and I think it’s causing him to lose focus. (I wish I could find a picture of his nosepicking, alas, it was not to be.) Same thing when he’s at the line. He has time to look at his hands and sees a bit of nail that he could nibble on and bam! he loses concentration and misses the free throw. Momma James must have been too busy trying to create an NBA superstar or kicking out cop car windows to stop the bad habits that are doing him in now. Somebody needs to help him now before he blows everything!

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Alpal said...

Moses was a picker too, but I guess he never made it to the promised land.