Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday's Morning Games

A little hair of dog will cure your basketball hangover, so I'm watching more NCAA games today. Technical difficulties kept me from posting last night but now I'm not going to because the late games really laid waste to my bracket.

Morning Games
  • Ohio State v. Davidson: Interesting thing about Davidson is that they only have about 1600 students and the average SAT score is in the mid-1400s. How can you field a successful D1 basketball team at a school like that…amazing! Davidson up by 4 at half. The Buckeyes are starting to look like a dominant team now although Davidson is trying to hang in the game. Ohio State wins, 70-62.
  • Iowa v. Northwestern State: After a close first half, Iowa started to pull away a little in the second half with a 8 point lead with 12 minutes remaining. I can’t believe one of Iowa’s best player is a balding 22 year-old. NW State came back to make a game of it in the last 5 minutes. 1 point game in the last minute. Somehow the Iowa player made, in succession, a free throw that crawled over the front of the rim and a toilet bowl free throw that went around 4 times. NW State pulls the upset with an incredible last second three after balding white guy only hits 1 of 2. 64-63. Biggest Upset so far. (that's balding white guy for Iowa only now he has a buzz cut which makes it much more obvious. i really like it when regular looking dudes are good at basketball.)
  • Bucknell v. Arkansas: Very good and close game. Back and forth like Tennessee – Winthrop yesterday. Bucknell has had the lead for a while now although its only a small lead. Arkansas has a white guy with long hair and a headband that looks like the later version of Christian Laettner. Unfortunately, he doesn't play like Laettner did in the Tournament. After missing several key free throws, Bucknell still manages to win by 4. 59-55.
  • Wisconsin v. Arizona: Zona jumps to an early 11 point lead due to their superior athleticism. Zona up by 20 halfway through the 1st half. I really thought this game might be a bit closer but Zona is up 21 with 15 minutes left in the game. Zona wins, 94-75.

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