Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Late Afternoon Games

Well, I managed to pull myself away from the TV for a bit and get out of the house. I went to the gym but lucky me the games were on there as well so I got to watch a little bit of the UCLA game, which didn't really matter. Anyway, two good games and two blowouts.
  • UCLA – Belmont: The UCLA Bruins laid the smack down on the Belmont Bruins. 78-44.
  • LSU – Iona: The Tigers owned Iona, 80-64.
  • Gonzaga – Xavier: Gonzaga didn’t look too good in this game, except for the Stache who scored 35. Xavier led for most of the game. But, Adam Morrison took over the game and led the Bulldogs to the win. There seemed to be a lot of touchy fouls called by the refs. 79-75.
  • GW – UNCW: Great game! Wilmington had a big lead but started giving the ball away like it was bird-flu infected Seahawk. GW came back and had a chance to take a lead when Wilmington stupidly fouled a three-point shot with 11 seconds remaining. But, GW could only hit two of three. In a last second gasp GW almost won it but couldn’t get a wide open layup off before time expired and the game went to overtime. After jumping to a 4 point lead, Wilmington was unable to hold on and GW won by 3 with clutch late free throws. 88-85.

Programming Notes:

I hate how CBS cuts between games when there is a timeout and then forgets to go back to the other game. Why don't they just do a split screen?

Also, I like how ESPN reverts to its halcyon days of the 80s by showing old boxing clips and tennis matches and then just cuts out of them to show the NCAA highlights. They are just giving up, I like it. I watched some "Mike Tyson's Greatest Hits" on ESPN, which was freaking awesome! When that guy was 19 he scared the shite out of everybody (not that he doesn't anymore, he just does it in a different way). He was knocking out just about everybody in the first round. I even saw one guy pretend to fight Tyson, get hit a few times, go down, get up to one knee and then jump up right after the ten count. He was trying to pretend like he wanted to continue to fight and was upset about the ref counting him out, but everybody knew he just wanted to leave.

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