Sunday, August 13, 2006

Should I Sell My Rodney McCray Bobblehead?

I got my Rodney McCray Bobblehead/Bobblefence last night. I waited for 40 minutes in line to get my hands on one of the 2000 available. For those of you who don't know, Rodney McCray was a key figure (along with a plywood wall) in one of the most memorable sporting moments of all time. McCray, chasing a long fly ball, ran full steam into and through the outfield wall in a minor league baseball game in Portland, Oregon in 1991. Here's the video.

McCray has been immortalized once in the video at the Baseball Hall of Fame and now he has been immortalized with the Bobblehead figurine celebrating the 15th anniversary of the moment. Not bad for a guy who never had much more than a cup of coffee in the majors.

I got home and jumped on eBay and found that there were already several listings for the bobblehead, some with bids already in the 50 dollar range. Not bad considering you only had to buy an $8 ticket to get it. I hadn't thought about selling the figurine because I think it is actually fairly unique and memorializes a famous moment. But, seeing how I could make a nice profit, I am tempted to put it up on eBay. What say ye, all 3 of my regular readers?


Anonymous said...

Keep it!

Anonymous said...

I'll buy it from you. Let me know how much.

Anonymous said...

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