Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Should have seen it coming!

I guess we should have seen this one coming. Maurice Clarett has been spiralling downward ever since he hit his apex after leading Ohio State to the 2003 NCAA football title. The former Buckeye was arrested this week at 3 a.m. after leading the police on a car chase. The details of the arrest read like a Goodfellas scene. This seems like it could have easily led to a Rae Carruth-like situation with Clarett in the trunk of some car.

He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and a traffic violation after police said he wove in and out of lanes, did a U-turn on a freeway and refused to leave the SUV after a spike stick flattened its tires.

Clarett, 22, had a semi-automatic handgun under his legs in the driver's seat, police said, and they found an AK-47-type assault rifle on the passenger seat and two other semi-automatic handguns, including one in a holster in a backpack.

Police attempted to shock Clarett but the former Fiesta Bowl standout was wearing a bulletproof vest that rendered the stun gun ineffective, Woods said.

Not too mention that he also had a hatchet, half-empty bottle of Grey Goose vodka and clothing in his car. He was also arrested only a short distance from the residence of a witness that was going to testify against him in another trial.

I, for one, feel very sorry for Clarett. A lot of things have gone wrong in his life and a lot of things have gone right but, he has not been able to cope with the highs and lows, obviously. Now, he most likely will have to straighten himself out in a 8 by 6 concrete, bar-filled room. I just hope he rights this sinking ship.

For those of you interested, the picture above is a photo of infamous Ohio State fan Mike Cooper and his buddies and you can see Clarett up in the gun turret. If you would like to know more about the Mike Cooper situation watch the video at Deadspin to learn how the story started. With Mike Cooper, the Cincinnati Cons nee Bengals and now Maurice Clarett, Ohio athletics has not had a good year.

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