Friday, June 16, 2006

Day 8: World Cup Recap

Argentina 6 - Serbia & Montenegro 0: In a route of epic proportions, Argentina thoroughly manhandled S&M six-nil, which leads to thoughts of Argentina escaping bondage (S&M, get it). Leo Messi made his first appearance and had a goal and an assist. S&M literally gave up in the second half and didn't even try.

Netherlands 2 - Cote D'ivorie 1: With the Netherlands victory, Argentina and the Dutch escape the so-called "Group of Death" with only the seeding remaining to be determined in the Argentina-Netherlands match. A couple of Vans scored for the Orange: Van Persie with a rocket free kick from outside the 18 found the left side netting and Van Nistelrooy scored on a pretty run-of-play goal. Unfortunately, the Ivory Coast now only has one game left in the World Cup because the Elephants were immensely enjoyable to watch.

Mexico 0 - Angola 0: In the surprise result of the day, the Black Antelopes managed to tie the Tricolors. It was a thoroughly disappointing showing by the Mexican side.

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