Thursday, June 15, 2006

By the Long Hairs

After 83 minutes of lackluster play England broke a 0-0 tie with Trinidad and Tobago off of a Peter Crouch header. David Beckham knocked a perfect cross from the right side and the 6'7" Crouch easily outjumped T&T defender Brent Sancho to score the gamewinner. Steven Gerrard tacked on another goal in injury time to finish the scoring. While ESPN showed the replays of Crouch's goal it looked to me that Crouch had pulled Sancho's dreads to keep him from jumping. Lo and behold, the World Cup Blog confirmed this by posting the picture cap.

Seriously, if you're 6'7" shouldn't you be able to out jump the 6'1 defender without going all catfight and pulling the guy's hair?

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Anonymous said...

So, that's a foul right?