Saturday, June 17, 2006

Couldn't Be Prouder

After the woeful display by the US team in its match against the Czech Republic on Monday, I have to admit I was quite down and didn't think the US had the heart to do anything in the Cup this year. But, today's 1-1 draw with Italy showed otherwise. The US came out with aggression and an offensive mindset. The team took it to the Italians who were content to sit back and counterattack took an early lead in the 22nd minute. The Americans battled back and evened the score when a poor clear on a dangerous cross was knocked into the Italians' goal by Italian defender Cristian Zaccardo. There was no scoring after that but there was plenty of action.

Italy's Daniele De Rossi was shown a red card in the 28th minute after elbowing US forward Brian McBride in the face creating a cut that required 3 stitches. Then in the 45th minute Pablo Mastroeni of the US received a red for a hard, late tackle. After the half, Eddie Pope of US received a red card in the 47th minute for another hard, late tackle. It was 10 against 9 now. Both of the US red cards are being called excessive in the US, but others around the world believe the contrary. There are also reports of the Uruguayian referee having been suspended for "irregularities" in 2002. Either way, dems are the breaks and the US fought through them. And, that is why I am so proud. Now all they have to do is beat Ghana (which will be tough) and hope for an Italian win.

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