Monday, May 01, 2006

Jenn Sterger Really Likes Hooters

I ran across the blog of the internet phenomenon that is Jenn Sterger. Miss Sterger has turned a 10 second appearance on TV as a spectator and fan at a Florida State football game into money and a potential modeling career. The women is quite comely and quite busty. She will be in an upcoming issue of Playboy and has appeared in Maxim Magazine as well. By most accounts she seems to have a fairly level head despite her demi-celebrity status, although she does want to attend law school. (I can't imagine anyone doing that and being completely sane.) Now that I have given her bio, the real point of this post is the following quote from her blog:
After getting her settled and forcing her to sleep it off, I went to Hooters to clear my mind.

What!!!??? How great is that? I can't believe a woman would say this. Although, I guess there are less distractions at Hooters for a female than for a male. Since Miss Sterger is still finishing college I am going to grade this portion of her resume and it gets a solid A in my book.

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Anonymous said...

Some future Hustler centerfold goes to a football game dressed as a hooker rather than a college student, Brent Musburger notices her tits about to come out of her shirt and makes some smartass comment, and - poof! - now this vapid airhead has a column on She is the American version of Pam Anderson, I guess. Aren't her 15 minutes up yet???