Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Clippers Fans Must Be Upset

The Clippers squandered a 3-point lead in the first overtime with under 5 seconds left in Game 5 last night. The team went on to lose in double OT in what was by all accounts a very, very good game. I enjoyed it immensely.

Now that the Clippers have won a playoff series their fans must expect the team to win and that it is a destiny for the team to make the finals. So, this loss that puts the Clips down 3 games to 2 and that has to be heartbreaking for the fans. But, to put salt in the wound the consumate Lakers fan, Jack Nicholson, has now decided its ok for him to be a Clippers fan. And, to top it off he gets second row tickets to last night's game in Phoenix and a bunch of face time on TNT.

I had always thought that Jack was a real fan considering how he was always at the Lakers games even when things were not going well. However, it has become clear that he is truly just another fair-weather LA sports fan. Whichever team is doing well is the team he will be supporting. Although Jack will always rate high in "cool factor" this has to bring him down a half-point or so on a scale of ten. It will be interesting to see who is in the house for Game 6 in LA.

I fully expect to see Dyan Cannon with Jack in the second row cheering on their "beloved" Clippers. What would be nice to see is Billy Crystal giving both of them a beatdown with a broomstick.

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